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Alexa EV Classic 16x9 - $360 per day

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The ARRI Alexa EV Classic set the standard for Digital Cinema production and the same sensor is in current Alexas today. This very high dynamic range imager and processor, records 13.5 stops of latitude in 1080p or 2K using Apple native ProRes HQ. This format allows a very easy post workflow to work in Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe Premiere

  • includes High Speed option for High Frame Rates up to 120 fps for slow motion.
  • ultra fast workflows with ProResHQ format
  • Rec 709 or S-Log C recording for extended dynamic range
  • 3D LUT for corrected color monitoring
  • reliable operation is well known and respected in the production community
  • media for Alexa EV Classic:

      32GB SxS Pro   cards - $10 each (20min ProResHQ 422)
      64GB SxS Pro   cards - $20 each
    128GB SxS Pro+ cards - $40 each