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Alexa Mini rentals


Alexa Mini  - starting at $600/day

Call us for special package discounts

our Alexa Minis offer:

  • Log C recording for 14 stop dynamic range
  • up to 3.2K UHD resolution in ProResHQ
  • High frame rates up to 200 fps
  • 4:3 sensor for anamorphic as well as the standard 16x9 formats
  • Interchangeable PL and Canon EF mounts
  • weight 5 lbs for Mini body with lens mount
  • Link for ARRI Alexa Mini configuration guide

    Alexa Mini includes:

    ARRI MVB-1 viewfinder bracket, (2) MSB-1 side brackets

    (2) MAP-2 plates for LWS 15mm rods

    CCH-2 Center camera handle, BPA-4 bridge plate adapter

    Wooden Camera 2 ch audio breakout box

    Alexa time code cable

    Thunderbolt CFast 2.0 card reader

    Power accessories included:

    V-mount battery plate with P-taps, 8p Lemo power cable

    BAP-1 battery plate mount for 15mm LWS rods

    24V power supply with Arri KC-50 8p Lemo power cable

    Optional, some items additional:

  • ARRI Look Library, Anamorphic and RAW licences
  • ARRI MAP-1 plates to reduce weight for gimbal
  • ARRI EXT-RS 1.5” Run/Stop adapter cable for Mini
  • ARRI 19mm or ET 15mm studio bridge plate
  • 12" or 18" ARRI Dovetail
  • Dual handrips with ARRI Rosette, Shoulder Pad