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call us at 310-434-9500

For all inquiries regarding production or post, call 310-434-9500 or email us at rentals@hd-cinema.com

HD Cinema LA:

A convenient location at the Tribeca West media center with our joint venture partners at DXD Different by Design:

HD Cinema Mail Address

HD Cinema

12233 W. Olympic Boulevard Suite #158

Los Angeles, CA 90064

( near Bundy West of the 405, and North of the 10 )

Call HD Cinema
  • Gear rental scheduling and pricing, post services call: (310) 434-9500
  • Equipment pickup + return times call: (310) 510-6658

  • For gear pick up and return, our Delivery Entrance is before the Main Entrance on the right side (east) of the Tribeca West Media Center, so as you head west on Olympic past Bundy, slow down at the construction site on the corner and go up the ramp.


HD Cinema VA:

East coast corporate address:

HD Cinema Mail Address

HD Cinema

977 Seminole Trail #348

Charlottesville, VA 22901

HD Cinema CT phone
  • Office: (310) 434-9600