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call us at 310-434-9500

For all inquiries regarding production or post, call 310-434-9500 or email us at rentals@hd-cinema.com

HD Cinema LA:

A convenient location at the Tribeca West media center with our joint venture partners at DXD Different by Design:

HD Cinema Mail Address

HD Cinema

12233 W. Olympic Boulevard Suite #158

Los Angeles, CA 90064

( near Bundy West of the 405, and North of the 10 )

Call HD Cinema
  • Gear rental scheduling and pricing, post services call: (310) 434-9500
  • Equipment pickup + return times call: (310) 689-2470
  • eFax: (310) 499-5237


HD Cinema VA:

East coast corporate address:

HD Cinema Mail Address

HD Cinema

977 Seminole Trail #348

Charlottesville, VA 22901

HD Cinema CT phone
  • Office: (310) 434-9600