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Teradek Wireless Video Rental

Tereadek Bolt Pro systems are the top choice for familiar operation and the ability to multi-cast from the camera to Video Village, 1st AC for focus, and for a Director's monitor

Choose a model with features and a range that meets your rental budget -

Teradek Bolt 3000, Teradek Bolt 1000, Teradek Bolt 500XT

low cost Teradek Bolt Pro 300 Gen2

available Director's monitor cage with SmallHD 703 or 702 and any Teradek receiver

with QR mounts, P-taps, bncs

  • 3000 XT set $260/day
  • 1000 LT set $160/day
  •   500 XT set $90/day
  • compatible with Sidekick II, SmallHD 703 Bolt, 1303 Bolt, 1703 Bolt
  • Teradek Sidekick II

    Sidekick $90 per day

  • 3G/SDI
  • up to 500 ft range
  • compatible with all Teradek 500, 1000, 3000 systems
  • Teradek Bolt Pro 300

    lowest cost - $70 per day

  • 3G or SDI
  • 2nd receiver add $60
  • up to 300 ft range
  • also available Wooden Camera cages for Director's monitor with wireless