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Alexa Mini LF rentals - new 2021 low pricing!


  • New SUP 7.0 Beta firmware allows the use of classic and vintage lenses and new modern S35 lenses
  • Higher frame rates than previously available with the LF
  • More full frame formats allow the cinematic look of 4K FF recording, still meeting Netflix standards, but with reduced data rates to save drive space on the camera cards and the back up copies
  • shown with both 15mm LWS and 15mm Studio config, 19mm available

    V-mount or AB Gold Mount available

    Alexa Mini LF - for Full Frame digital cinema

    Large format 4.5K sensor meets all Netflix standards

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    The new Alexa Mini LF "Ready to Shoot" package offers:

  • ARRI 4:3 Anamorphic and ARRIRAW licenses included
  • LF Open Gate up to 4.5K resolution, many more formats including:
  • S35 16:9 3.2K for spherical lenses, uprez to UHD 4K
  • S35 4:3 2.8K for super 35 anamorphic lenses
  • LF 2:39:1 for widescreen
  • LF 16:9 meets 4K UHD deliverable standards

  • 60fps, 75fps and 100fps HFR high frame rates for slo mo
  • In-camera down-sampling avoids cropping and re-sizing in post for 16:9 HD
  • Anamorphic De-Squeeze for viewfinder and monitors
  • weight 5 lbs /2.6 kg for Mini body
  • media for Alexa Mini LF:

    ARRI Codex Compact Drive 1TB

    Codex Compact Drive reader (USB-C)

    Link for ARRI Alexa Mini site

    Alexa Mini LF includes:

    ARRI LPL mount w/LBUS + PL to LPL adapter

    ARRI MVB-2 viewfinder w/EVF bracket, MSB-2 and MSB-3 side brackets, CCH-2 Top Handle

    (2) ARRI MAP-2 with 15mm LWS upper and baseplate, 15mm Studio bridgeplate

    ARRI CPB-1 bridgeplate dual 19mm rod clamp, shoulder pad, 12" dovetail

    Power accessories included:

    ARRI/BeBob Breakout box with 12V V-mount battery plate

    or Core SWX Helix Power box with AB Gold Mount 12/24V battery plate

    24V power supply with Arri KC-50 24v Power Cable