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Zeiss Supreme Primes

Zeiss Ultraprimes

$950 per day

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Set of 6 Lenses
  •       25mm, 29mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm - all T1.5

These new Supreme Primes were designed for very high quality like the Master Primes,

but have a special character obtained by a “gentle sharpness of the focus fall off, and elegant bokeh” and are “Crisp, but still organic, especially when capturing crucial textures like skin tones”......as described by the Zeiss Senior Product Manager Christophe Casenave.

Lighter and smaller than Cooke 7i, ARRI Signature, or Master Primes , these lenses are very desirable for Movi and Ronin gimbal systems and for Steadicam. The focus rings all line up at the same distance from the mount, and they have a common front of 95mm both of which allows faster lens changes.

when used on Full Frame sensor cameras:    Alexa Mini LF    Sony Venice/FS9    RED Monstro

                                              25mm        29mm         35mm         50mm        85mm       100mm

Horiz Field of View equivalent (18.8mm)   (21.8mm)   (26.2mm)   (37.5mm)   (63.8mm)   (75.0mm)

Link to Zeiss site for more info (use Firefox to access)