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**Update: Califonia production opens up**

As the country gets safer as a majority of people in the US get vaccinated, we are seeing a noticable increase in our rentals. We are all still wearing masks when in close quarters, even those of us who have received vaccinations, so we do ask that you wear one too during camera prep.

Our office hours are now typically 9:30a to 5:30p but you can contact us at 310-434-9500 or email rentals@hd-cinema.com to discuss other options.

Our Post-Production partners Different by Design are also available to generate estimates and discuss your workflow plans. Our best wishes for the health and safety of everyone.


HD Cinema offers Digital Cinema camera rentals to individuals and companies within the independent film community who produce a variety of quality digital feature films, documentaries, music videos, and television programs. Our role is to simplify technical decisions for the creative people who are our clients; at affordable prices, with extensive industry knowledge, and with attentive service.

Contact rentals@hd-cinema.com or call 310-434-9500

**new S35 upgrade for Alexa Mini LF**

As of March 2021, now there is a much better way to use older classic and vintage lenses, as well as all the new modern S35 lenses on the Mini LF camera.

Using a Super 35mm sensor area allows the use of an Alexa Mini LF instead of, or alongside an Alexa Mini, with identical recording formats, and allows sets of S35 (or FF) primes or zooms to be shared.

Dragon_built_prime Dragon_Canon_zoom

         Zeiss Supreme Primes - Full Frame, fast T1.5                      Alexa Mini LF - Full Frame sensor

a beautiful set of new lenses for our Alexa Mini LF                   special pricing with Supreme Primes


   ARRI Alexa Mini Super 35                             Zeiss Super Speeds MKIII

Dragon_built_prime           Dragon_Canon_zoom

               RED DSMC2 8K Helium                         RED 5K Gemini dual ISO

   EZ1 1703P3x

ARRI WCU-4 wireless FIZ         Angenieux EZ zooms                SmallHD monitors

ZeissUltraPrimes SonyFS7

                  Zeiss Ultra Primes                        Sony FS7 M2                   Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm


Teradek 3000, 1000, 500 wireless video                ARRI FF4                    ARRI + Chrosziel matte boxes

EasyrigVario5 Ronin SmallHDmonitor

Easyrig Vario5                  DJI Ronin gimbal stabilizer                SmallHD 703,702 monitors

Zeiss3zooms ZeissCP2s

             Zeiss CZ zooms EF+PL                    Canon C300 MII                 Zeiss CP2 primes PL + EF

1741    Bartech HedenCarat

        Sony PVM-1741 OLED              Bartech wireless focus       Heden Carat wireless focus