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HD Cinema offers Digital Cinema camera rentals to individuals and companies within the independent film community who produce a variety of quality digital feature films, documentaries, music videos, and television programs. Our role is to simplify technical decisions for the creative people who are our clients; at affordable prices, with extensive industry knowledge, and with attentive service.

Contact rentals@hd-cinema.com or call 310-434-9500

Dragon_built_prime Dragon_Canon_zoom

         Zeiss Supreme Primes - Full Frame, fast T1.5                      new Alexa Mini LF - Full Frame sensor

a beautiful set of new lenses for our Alexa Mini LF                   special pricing with Supreme Primes


   ARRI Alexa Mini Super 35                             Zeiss Super Speeds MKIII    

Dragon_built_prime Dragon_Canon_zoom

     RED DSMC2 8K Helium                     RED 5K Gemini dual ISO

   EZ1 1703P3x

ARRI WCU-4 wireless FIZ         Angenieux EZ zooms                SmallHD monitors

ZeissUltraPrimes SonyFS7

                  Zeiss Ultra Primes                        Sony FS7 M2                   Fujinon Cabrio 19-90mm


Teradek 3000, 1000, 500 wireless video                ARRI FF4                    ARRI + Chrosziel matte boxes

EasyrigVario5 Ronin SmallHDmonitor

Easyrig Vario5                  DJI Ronin gimbal stabilizer                SmallHD 703,702 monitors

Zeiss3zooms ZeissCP2s

             Zeiss CZ zooms EF+PL                    Canon C300 MII                 Zeiss CP2 primes PL + EF

1741    Bartech HedenCarat

        Sony PVM-1741 OLED         Bartech wireless focus       Heden Carat wireless focus